Pecos Police Teaching Officers How to Shoot Crime Scene Photographs

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Photos of a crime scene sometimes are the only piece of evidence left of a crime.   With that in mind officers from different agencies from around Reeves County got together to point and shoot a camera.

"There is mistakes you can make, and then when you get to court you don't have the photograph, and you have lost an important element of your crime," Capt. Kelly Davis, with the Pecos Police Department, said.

Officers never know when they are going to take a camera and take pictures of a crime scene, but taking these type of photos is not that simple.

With 33 years of experience as a photographer, Captain Kelly Davis says there are many elements to take in consideration.

"We have to understand with depth of field to start with because our shots are not small closeups, they can include blocks and blocks, and with that we need a good depth of field.  And of course, the lighting is so important. They need to understand that. They can't just pick up a picture, take a shoot and expect it to come out," Davis said.

And taking good photos of a crime scene can make a big difference in a case.

"Jurors and prosecutors want to see what you are talking about.  You can talk a bout a bruise all day, but if you can show it to them it's more definitive to them," Pecos Police Officer Helen Vernyn, said.

Captain kelly Davis recommends if you want to take better pictures read the manual of your camera and play with it. You never know when your pictures can be an important piece of evidence.