CPS Releases New Information Regarding the FLDS Compound

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ELDORADO - Child Protective Services are releasing new information saying the Polygamist compound in Eldorado was rampant with sexual abuse.

In court documents released on Tuesday, State officials say young girls there were spiritually married to much older men as soon as they reached puberty.

CPS says officials have completed removing all 416 children from the ranch -- and have won custody of all of them.

"We've had requests from people wanting to become foster parents, people who have information regarding those folks that are living at the ranch and we also have people who want to make a tangible difference in lives of those children," Marleigh Meisner, Public Information Officer with CPS said.

One woman knows this lifestyle all too well.

Carolyn Jessop was once married to the man authorities say took control of the Texas Polygamist sect when leader Warren Jeffs was arrested.

Five years ago, she says she gathered her eight children, and left her husband, and the religion.

"It was a terrible way to live." I think it's a form of Pedophile hiding behind religious religion as a protection.  Just the desire to control and manipulate and torture people," Jessop said.

Meanwhile as investigators continue their work; the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is apparently pushing back.

FLDS leaders have hired a legal team, and filed a request at the San Angelo Courthouse - asking a judge to immediately stop the on-going search of their property.

For now, though, the compound remains a crime scene.