Big Spring Family Wants Answers after Fatal Shooting

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - "They wont say nothing, they won't let us see nothing man.  My dad is in handcuffs, my mom's right there, we just want to know what happened to my brother," One family member said.

Frustration mounts as the family of Pat Rios watches and waits helplessly, for any word or sign.

"We're the victims in this case.  But yet we can't even get near there they won't let my aunt over there.  As you can tell, the officers all have weapons, we can't move.  We gotta stay here," Domingo Rios, Cousin of Pat Rios, said.

The Rios family says they were kept in the dark most of the day as to the details of the shooting.

They weren't even allowed to go check, on the dead man's father, who they say was in handcuffs.

"That's what irritating us now.  We can't get over there to him.  My uncle is across the street, at his son's house.  He's a diabetic, we don't know how he is, we don't get no word how he's doing," Rios said.

With reported gang activity in the area, the Rios family is quick to mention, that this incident was not gang-related.

One neighbor says, he's known the Rios family for years, and is shocked at Monday's events.

"These people are good hearted people.  They don't bother anybody, they live their life, they go to work, they come home.  And this is just evidence.  Innocent people are getting hurt," Scott Sigmond, a neighbor, said.

Sigmond says, the authorities are to blame.

"When are the police departments going to do what they are supposed to do, and give us the protection we are supposed to have?  We're paying their salaries by paying their taxes.  And we're not getting the protection we need," Sigmond said.

He's even enlisted the help of higher authorities without much success.

"I've called the Texas Rangers, I've called the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, I've called the FBI.  They tell me they need to have the phone call come from the police department before they can come in and do anything," Sigmond said.

As for the Rios family.

"I just feel like they aren't doing their job. I hope that the final outcome is that the officer that did the shooting, something is done to him.  That justice is served," Rios said.