Raising Children From An FLDS Compound

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

One woman knows all too well how the children live inside these FLDS compounds. That's because she's raising two boys who once lived that type of lifestyle.

NewsWest 9 Monday was contacted by Linda Brooks. She lives in Utah, and is actually raising two boys who were kicked out of an FLDS compound in Colorado City in Arizona. She said she's hoping she'll be able to reunite her boys with some of their brothers and sisters now in San Angelo. But in the meantime, she hopes everyone will understand how difficult it is for these children to cope with a completely different world outside of a compound.

"From the time they are born, they are programmed to know what their role is as a polygamist child," Brooks said.

She said it's one of the hardest things for a child raised at a polygamist compound can break away from.

"'How do you cope with that, how do you tell them everything that you've learned is not right, is not true?, That's what the oldest one told me. He said 'how can I know that everything's not true? That I was told all those years, and now you're telling me it was all a lie?', explained Brooks.

She said even after being away from the lifestyle for years, her children still hold onto pictures of their prophet, Warren Jeffs.

"He's still my prophet, I still respect him. I still need him. And I am not going to throw him away. He's part of my life," Brooks added as another example.

And that's hard to understand for Brooks and many of us. However, she does have some advice for anyone who will take care of these children:

"Give them the space they need, try to not pry too much into their personal life. Let them open up on their own time with you, but give them a full amount of love that you have. And let them know that you will always be there, and never request anything from them in return," said Brooks.

She said she will work with Child Protective Services to see if she can adopt any of those siblings. She also added she's not sure if she's 100 percent prepared to deal with more of these children, but she said she will give them all of the love and care they deserve.