Decreasing Budget Causing Problems for Teen Pregnancy Programs

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

MIDLAND-- "Over the last few years we have had an increase in the number of students who are pregnant," Tracy Dees, Health Service Supervisor said.

Coleman High School provides teenage mothers with a program to keep them in school and still  be able take care of their baby.

"We are continuing to see more and more students who are pregnant, and we are continuing to offer the services that we currently provide to those students," Dees said.

But the federally funded program is seeing some budget cuts.

"The amount of that grant varies from year to year, in general it's gone downward since the last five years but Midland School District has picked the additional money, because it's important to keep this kids in school," Mike Seere, Principal of Coleman High School, said.

Right now, the center has about 26 babies between the ages of 1 to 26 months while the mothers attend school, the kids are taken care of by professionals. 

"We actually have folks in our school district who have come through this program and successfully have gone off to further their education," Deed said.

The program has been in the school for about fifteen years and they have a good success rate.

"The reaction is very positive, because the support system is some necessary, in addition to their family girls need strong support system," Dees said.