First Responders of Alon Refinery Explosion Treated to Luncheon

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The first responders to the ALON refinery explosion were treated to a luncheon on Monday.

On Febuary 18th, it was the immediate action by first responders that kept the explosion at the refinery from getting out of control.

So community members organized this special luncheon to honor their efforts.

Congressman Randy Neugebaur was at the event.

He says that because of people like this, the people of Big Spring can feel safe.

"It's important to recognize these folks.  There's a lot of heroism and bravery shown here during this process, and quite honestly, turned what could have been a very bad event into not quite as bad of an event," Texas Congressman, Randy Neugebaur, said.

Among some of the other guest at the event, Senator Kel Seliger and ALON USA Chairman David Wiessman.