401 Kids Taken Away from Eldorado Compound

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ELDORADO - New disturbing details emerging on the Polygamist compound near Eldorado.

NewsWest 9 has learned hundreds, not dozens, of children are now in State custody.

401 children to be exact.

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Child Protective Services said the children and women, who were removed from the compound have been cooperative, but they are having trouble getting them to talk.

CPS also says there have been some tense moments as authorities continue to search the temple and other buildings on the sprawling grounds for more children.

The raid began several days ago when authorities received a tip that a girl was being abused.

Since that time, Texas Child Protective Services received permission to remove the other children.

"Now, when I say removed, I am telling you we have removed, not only relocated 401 children. I am telling you we have taken legal temporary custody of those children," Marleigh Meisner, with Child Protective Services, said.

One person was arrested during the search of the 17-hundred acre complex near Eldorado.

That man has been charged with interfering with police.