Police Continue Investigating Deadly Shooting in Big Spring

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING  - One man is dead in Big Spring after being shot right in front of his own home.

The shooting happened around lunch time on Monday in the 700 block of Lorilla.

Authorities investigating the case have not released much information at this point, but we do know that Texas Rangers are on the also involved in the investigation.

At around 6p.m., local law enforcement officials left the scene after what has been a very emotional day.

Family members tell NewsWest 9, 37-year-old Pat Rios was killed.

Local residents tell NewsWest 9 that this particular area is known for gang-related activity although authorities have said that this shooting is not gang-related.

Earlier in the day, officers lined up and down the streets with rifles, which is something that made residents and family members in the neighborhood very uncomfortable.

"We're the victims in this case, but we can't even get near there.  They won't let my Aunt over there and as you can tell officers all got weapons there.  We can't move, we have to stay here," Domingo Rios, Cousin of Pat Rios, told NewsWest 9.

NewsWest 9 has also learned that the Mother and Father of Pat Rios were allowed to leave the scene.  They have gone to the police station in Big Spring to make a formal statement.