New Policy Affecting Midland Moviegoers

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's been two weeks, and the Midland Hollywood Theater is getting a big response after turning away minors to any movie no matter what the rating after 8 p.m. on Friday nights.

The policy is a little controversial; some like the idea, but others say it won't stop some parents from dropping off their kids on Friday nights.

This sign posted outside the Hollywood Theater in Midland is designed to keep out unattended minors on Friday nights after 8.

"It will help other people not just the minors, I know that there is a lot security out because the kids fighting, so hopefully it will cut down on that and make it a more enjoyable family experience," Arminae Ward, a Midland Resident said.

"It will keep the crowd. I think it will help parents to accompany their kids to the movies," Ward said.

Not everyone is happy with the new policy, Shannon Sullivan is still under age, and says she is going to have to find other ways to pass the time on a Friday nights.

"I usually go to the movies on Friday nights. Now I can't do anything," Shannon Sullivan, another Midland Resident, said.

But not everyone plans to stick to the policy.

"There are some parents that made comments to the authorities that they were going to drop their kids off, no matter what," Jimmy Bridges, another Midland Resident, explained.

And now that kids can't hit the movie theater to hang out, some fear they will have more time to get in to trouble.

"Maybe now, they will not have anything to do now, and they will causing other problems," Mari Gonzales, another Midland Resident told NewsWest 9.

Some parents say they will still continue to drop off their kids at the theater on Friday nights despite the policy.

There is no word yet from Hollywood Theater Headquarters on why they decided to implement this new policy or how it will impact their business on Friday nights.