Deadline Approaching for Tax Returns

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - The process for filling out your income tax return hasn't changed, but there's one thing different this year, the Government's Economic Stimulus Package.

And because a lot of West Texans are eligible as part of the program to get a check back, that's keeping tax services pretty busy.

"Of course, if most folks have a refund, then they're anxious to get their hands on it," Stanton Johnson with Bookkeeping and Tax Service, said.

Anxious to get that check between 300 to 600 dollars per person.

But no matter what how much money you make, you won't see it unless you file an income tax return.

And while Stanton Johnson says he's not seeing the jump in customers like at bigger tax services, he says he has seen a steady increase.

"I get three or four everyday, and I had three this morning, 2 appointments tomorrow," Johnson said.

He says some of those are senior citizens, and yes, even if they live off retirement or Social Security, they still have to fill out the forms to get the extra cash.

"They must file and mark on the top of their 1040, whatever they turn in as stimulus payment," Johnson said.

Your everyday citizen will start to see those checks starting in May, but what about those who still owe the government money?

"My advice is even if they owe money and can't pay it, even though it would take an extension just to go ahead and file your tax return. That will save them some penalty and interest, and ask for an installment agreement to pay out the taxes they owe," Johnson said.

Johnson says with the penalities and interest paying off the government in installments can be tough.

But again, he recomends to get those tax returns in before the April 15th deadline.