Medical Center Hospital Getting a New Helicopter

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA-- The Care Star Emergency Transportation Service has one Bell 407 that answers to emergency calls in the Permian Basin.  But by mid-June, Medical Center will have one more. And this new chopper is part of the of the plan to expand the emergency service.

"What we want to do with CareStar is we want to be a regional service. We don't want to just serve Midland-Odessa we want to go out and transport critical patients to either Alpine, Fort Stockton or were they need to go, or take them to the most appropriate facility," Peggy Ward. Chief Flight Coordinator said.

They plan to have the new helicopter stationed in Fort Stockton, because there is a growing demand for medical services in the area. 
"We respond to that area often because of the oil field related accidents. So we want to be there closer so we transport the patients faster," Ward said.

But with the chopper on it's way, there are several concerns at Medical Center Hospital.

"The main concern with Medical Center staff is that they have so many patients right now and with the second aircraft it increases the volume," Ward said.

The new chopper can fly 160 miles an hour - meaning people who live in rural parts of West Texas will be able to get help much faster.