Other Hotels in Big Spring Turn Away Big Spring Residents

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- It's a story NewsWest 9 first told you about Sunday, Motel 6 created a new policy to keep locals from renting a room starting in January but they weren't the first. Whitten Inn, Plaza Inn, and Days Inn all hope to cut down on crime by keeping Big Spring residents out.

"To stereotype everyone in Big Spring is a slap in the face," said Lucas Lopez, "We're upset they categorize everyone in Big Spring as vandals or people who steal."

Whitten's General Manager says the policy makes their motel safer and started two years ago, to make the stay more enjoyable for guests.

"We want the people here to have a very good experience. I don't want them to go home, and say I stayed at a Whitten Inn, and they had parties until five in the morning, and people coming in and out, knocking on doors all night," said Brunson.

Brunson says in the past entire rooms have been cleared out, when they decided to rent to locals, but adds if there is an emergency he will rent a room to a Big Spring resident.

"They're judging all of us from the actions of a few bad seeds have done," Kim Parrish, a Big Spring resident, who doesn't like hearing about the policy.

Down I-20, Bob Patel runs the Quality Inn & Suites, he says they've faced similar problems.

"A couple of times we have had a TV or Microwave stolen from the rooms, we had new comforters stolen from the rooms," said Patel, but adds he would never change his policy to shut locals out, "The reason we are here is serve the community."