Fire Hydrant Problem in Big Spring?

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING -  "We live right here on Stonehaven, and two fire hydrants weren't working when the fire Department got here," Terry Heckler, a Big Spring resident, said.

A fact that has residents in the Highland Neighborhood wondering if some of the damage could have been prevented.

"There's one right here, and if it would have been functioning, then possibly they could have maintained this a little bit better than what they did," Heckler said.

Now, they want city officials to take immediate action.

"We think the city needs to make sure that first of all, make sure that all of our fire hydrants are functioning. That's crazy," Heckler told NewsWest 9.

Big Spring City Officials are now tackling the task.

"I asked our Utility Department to go to all of our outlying areas where we do have residential or personal property in wooded area like we had last night and checking those hydrants," Todd Darden, Asst. City Manager of Big Spring, said.

Fire hydrants that are more than 40 years old.

"The date on those hydrants was the early 60's, so we're going to look at either repair or replacement of those hydrants," Darden said.

According to Todd Darden, the City keeps up the maintenance of all the fire hydrants.

"Annually, they go around and check the hydrants from maintenance, we have color coating in the fire hydrants that tells us what the flow is, they grease and put oil in the areas that have constant movement," Darden said.

They believe that natural water corrosion may have caused the problems with the hydrants on Monday.

"I know that in one of the hydrants, the cap wouldn't come off, they couldn't get the top off, it was frozen shut," Darden said.

Although Big Spring fire fighters ran into problems on Monday with the fire hydrants, Todd Darden says that overall they did a great job controling the massive brush fire.