Big Spring Recuperating from Massive Fire

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Monday's fire spread quickly. It started just outside of big spring but moved into two city neighborhoods burning two homes to the ground and damaging a third.  Despite the best efforts of big spring crews and the Texas Forest Service 400 acres of rough terrain were scorched. 
Howard County's budget has taken a hit from fighting fires the last few months and now the city of Big Spring is being affected as well.

"Budgets are being stretched really thin because of all the fires responses we have gone.
The city has not being hit too hard yet.   This fire yesterday was tee first time we had something in the city that was endangering a lot of city homes," Terry Chamness, Emergency Manager Coordinator said.

The Kentwood fire which is how officials are calling it, is the second big fire Howard County has seen in the past five days.  The county has received federal aid money to help with fuel cost and equipment.