High School Reunion at the White House

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

1964 graduates of Midland High, Lee High, and the former Carver High School celebrated their 44th reunion this past weekend with their most famous alumnus, First Lady Laura Bush. She hosted her classmates with a dinner and dancing  at the White House. 

Among the guests at the White House this past weekend were Eddie and Cindy Klatt. 

He's Midland's Assistant Fire Chief and she's the office manager at Schumann Engineering. They say this past weekend was one of the best ever. 

The Klatt's have a lot of memories that decorate their walls, but this past weekend, they attended one of their most memorable events yet.

"It was like being back in high school again," Eddie said. Of the 753 graduates of all three high schools, 504 descended on Washington DC to celebrate their 44th high school reunion with the President and First Lady. 

"How many people are so blessed to say 'I went to school with the First Lady and President!' We played baseball together, we studied English together, and now, we went to the White House together.' Neat!" Cindy said. 

The festivities started on Friday with White House and Capitol building tours. Then it was out to the White House lawn where the entire class greeted President Bush as he landed in the Marine One helpicopter. 

"I cried," Cindy said. "I think most of the ladies cried, it was just so amazing." "She said a lot of the women were teary eyed," Eddie said. "I think some of the guys were too."

On Saturday, the President and First Lady, a Lee graduate, hosted their classmates at a dinner and dancing social. They served pizza and burgers, a 1964 class favorite. 

"I kept having to pinch myself," Eddie said. "Sitting in the East Room watching everyone dance thinking 'is this really happening?' It was neat. It was a lot of fun. 

"There was no bickering," Cindy said. "There's no fighting. Everybody was close friends. you may have differences of opinion, different political backgrounds, but all that was put aside. There was just reunion."

Out of the 753 total graduates, 504 attended the reunion. The graduates even have a website where they keep in touch through pictures and emails.