Meals on Wheels Affected by High Gas Prices

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Meals on Wheels is designed to get meals to the homebound, elderly, or disabled.  

Executive director Kelly Ives says they still provide the meals to everyone on their list but they can feel the difference in their budget.

"It is starting to make a difference obviously, it is starting to affect budgets, not only us, but I am sure every non profit organization in Midland is starting to feel that pinch," Kelly Ives said.

And the high cost of gas is also affecting the cost of the food they provide.

"The price of milk has gone up in the last year 19 percent, and when you are delivering 500 meals a day with 500 milk cartons that adds up quickly," Kelly Ives said.

The consequences of high gas prices does not stop here.  Some of the employees of the organization are also been affected by it.

"We have one employee that drives over from Odessa and then we have another that lives out in the county and they are really starting to feel the pinch," Kelly Ives said.

Another part of the organization that is having to deal with the high cost of gas are the volunteers.

"The volunteer are the ones that drive the Meals on Wheels, so it is obviously hitting them in their pocket book.   We do have a program that assists them with their mileage though a local foundation," Kelly Ives said.

And the organization counts with volunteers who are very dedicated with the cause. 
"I will continue, because this why we are here for to help the elders, that is what they need us and that is what we are here to help them," Gail Hemphill said. 
"We will continue do it, whenever they call us, this why we do it, they need their meals and it does not matter the cost of gas," Cristina Cabrera said.     
"I come all the way from Odessa to do it, because that is how important it is to me, it's probably the most rewarding thing I do," Sherly Abernethy said.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for more volunteers.   If you think you can give them at least one day of your busy week, you can call 689-6693.