Tax Help For Citizens

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The local branch of the IRS wants to step in to help, those who live on Social Security and don't normally file their taxes, cash in on the government's stimulus payment.

"A lot of them are elderly or disabled and we can do the paperwork for them, fill it out and mail it if we have to," said Fred Mancha of the IRS. They helped more than a hundred residents file their taxes early Saturday at the Ector County Library.

The group of volunteers hopes to get the word out, that people must file 2007 return to get the payment.

For people like Melba Engdahl, the help is essential.

"It has to be word of mouth because a lot of people are probably pretty confused about it, my mother was," Engdahl says she filled out the wrong form and wants to make sure she gets the check in May, "I am still confused, because it still doesn't tell you how much security you make, so I came here for some answers."

If you would like information about where you can get free tax help call 211 and ask for a list of all the volunteer tax preparation sites in the Basin.