Mounted Police Department Working with Midland Sheriff's Office

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -  Lt. Commander Jake Ussery has been part of the Mounted Police Department since 1999.  He is very proud to be part of a scuadron that gives a good service that no one else can give, but in a time with so much technology how does a horse factor into an investigation?

"From the back of a horse your perseption is really good, you are up high, you can see, you can get in places,  you can getin places a car can't go," Ussery said.

We also have to remember that horses are very smart animals.   They are very alert and they will take care of it's rider, and for Lt. Commander Ussery there is no disadvantages of having a horse as a partner.

"I don't think there is a down side. I think that it's a great upside. A very positive thing. We learn to bond with them we learn to bond with that animal and that human nature. They are great pets, they protect us. I don't think there is a down side. It's total upside," Ussery said.

And Sheriff Gary Painter agrees that having a mounted patrol unit is a good asset to the Midland County Police Department.

"They create an additional arm with law inforcement. They can be used by any agency that calls in.   We help the rangers, we help the city, we cover a lot in a homicide investigation in terms searching, looking crowd control," Painter said.

The mounted police also provides community service they have a program called a Adopt-A-Horse which is where a particular school adopts one of their horses and the rider is committed to appear in some of the school events and give educational information about the horse.