Tuition Rates Going Up at UTPB in Odessa

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Students at UTPB recently learned going to class is going to cost them almost five percent extra next school year.

"I'm sure a lot of us aren't very happy about the tuition increase means a lot more money that each individual, whether its out of their own pocket, out of their parent's pocket, that they're going to be spending," Jennifer Oso, a Junior at UTPB said.

In 2009, tuition will go up almost another five percent, totaling almost $3,000 dollars for 15 credit hours.

"I can come here on an affordable basis for my parents as well as me, and the increase kind of puts it back a little bit, makes it a lot harder, but I'm still at home so it still feels good," UTPB Sophomore, Kayla Hogan, told NewsWest 9.

The extra money means a new student center, improving the athletic program, and adding new staff.

"The tuition increase will go toward hiring more faculty as well as continuing to pay the existing faculty and staff that we have," UTPB President David Watts, said.

Even though they'll be paying more in tuition, student athletes are excited about how their teams will benefit from the extra resources.

"The increase in the budget for us gives us more money as far as to maintain our field, as far as going on road trips, our personal gear and athletic stuff that we need, so it helps out for myself," Oso said.

University officials say that even though the cost is going up, they offer a less expensive education than their competitors like Texas Tech.

The increase will also allow UTPB to pay faculty at the national average level.