Howard County Fire Aftermath

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Fire Crews still don't know what sparked a 271 acre grass fire in Howard County. The fire burned two mobile homes, several other buildings and seven cars, including a 1958 Corvette.

"Our hearts always go out to the folks that lost homes and property, but everyone out here did their best to save as much as possible," said John Fugitt, "It didn't cover that much ground. 271 acres is still a lot of property, but the thing that made it so bad was how close it got to all the houses and all the people in the middle of it."

Leonard Watkins packed all his things, to move into a new place, but late Thursday night he learned everything he owned was gone.

"It was just a shock," said Watkins, "We knew that my grandfather's home was burned down. We were coming back thinking that my mother's mobile home was going to be gone, and when I looked out the back window of that one to what was left of mine, what do you say?"

Fire fighters spent the day knocking down hot spots and investigating the cause of the fire. Electrical crews got the power up at 5pm Friday.