Tryon Lewis Continues to Call for a Debate

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Tryon Lewis has laid the gauntlet down one more time for State Representative Buddy West to debate the issues with him.

Lewis has been calling for a debate ever since it was determined there needed to be a runoff election for the State Representative Seat, but West has declined.

At a press conference Lewis held on Thursday, he says voters need to hear both sides before they make a decision.

"The need for candidates and public officials to face the public, to discuss the issues with the public, so the public can get the kind of leadership Odessa needs, and the public can be able to evaluate the issues and the views of the candidates," Lewis said.

Buddy West has told NewsWest Nine since the runoff was announced, he has no intention in debating the issues, because his record speaks for itself.

Randy Rives and Jessie Gore, the other two candidates that were running against Lewis and West have since endorsed West in the runoff election.