Administrators Hear From Concerned Parents over the 4x4 Program

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - For the second straight night, E.C.I.S.D. Administrators heard from those concerned parents and teachers, because the district is trying to make some final decisions on how to proceed with those schedules in the fall.

Ninth graders and below will have to pass four math and science classes to graduate.

But that could mean some changes to schedules, so some students will have that extra chance to make their credits.

On Wednesday night some parents were questioning, ''how do you extend the class day and penalize the students who don't need the extra time?"

There were also questions about students involved in extra-curricular actitivies, and how a nine period day would affect them.

Some even favored a zero hour or even summer school for those students not making the grade so other students wouldn't be affected.

We spoke with Helen Husband, who's a parent and a teacher to get her reaction.

"I really am concerned about the fact that students who don't need electives won't have classes to choose from, and I'm definitely against the extra class for each kid.  The students who have failed classes and need extra credits, those students need to be required to take extra classes and not penalize the students who are doing what they're supposed to," Husband said.

Administrators took plenty of notes and will meet about the 4x4 schedule proposals between now and Friday.

Officials say they'll take every opinion into consideration, and they hope to make a decision by Friday or Monday at the latest.