Texas Forest Service Needs Your Help in Preventing Future Grassfires

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

With all of our dry conditions it's hard to beleive anyone would start a fire on purpose, but that's exactly what the Texas Forest Service thinks happened in Midland County.

They're investigating 4 grassfires.

Three were started off Highway 349 back in February.

Together they charred more than 5,000 acres.

The other one was in south Midland County.

Investigators think they're all suspicious.

If they find who started it that person faces arson charges, and could end up in jail for two to 20 years plus a 10-thousand dollar fine.

The charges are even more harsh if someone dies in the blaze.

If you have any information on these suspicious fires, call your local law enforcement office, or the Texas Forest Service Hotline at 1-817-579-5686.