Odessa Vandals Strike Numerous Odessa Businesses

ODESSA - Odessa Police need your help to find the vandals responsible for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to almost 20 businesses.

Officers got the call just after 1:30 Monday morning to the 800 block of Central Drive.   In all 16 businesses were hit.

We're told the vandals used rocks to break the front door window and get into the Remco Central Building.

Once inside, they went on a rampage, trashing equipment, rummaging through file cabinets and desk drawers.

Some of the business owners thin the vandals may have been looking for cash.

They came up short since no money is kept in the offices.

A spokesperson for Remco estimates the total damage done to be close to 50 thousand dollars.

Of all the businesses hit, only one had a security alarm installed.

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Remco Building is one of several businesses located on Central Drive.

Strangely enough, they were the only ones hit.   Aside from the thousands of dollars in damage, ironicaly, nothing was stolen.

That's enough for business owner Michael Samp to draw his own conclusions.

"It boils down to a random act of violence and vandalism.  There was nothing taken," Samp said.

It was a random act of violence with a $9,000 price tag.

The President and CEO of Sentry Medical Corp tells NewsWest 9, his losses included 2 laptops and some monitors, among other items.

The vandals hit everything from the front door, to a microwave, even a small piece of equipment, that according to Samp, isn't cheap

"We use it  for pulmonary screening, it is about the size of a transistor radio, they smashed that to bits.  That was a couple of thousand dollars," Samp said.

Sentry Medical Corp. does oil field drug testing.   With other counseling services sharing office space in the building, Samp says it leaves reason to believe, someone may have had a score to settle.

"It's something we have to think about.  It may have a motivation.  There are people in the building who are involved in legal counseling, drug counseling, and family counseling.  My business does drug testing.  We have had some positive drug testing results," Samp said.

Naturally, business owners are upset with the whole situation.   But the hardest part seems to be, figuring out why something like this happened.

Samp told us how he felt, "Obviously, I'm angry about it as I expect would be a natural reaction.  It's hard to find the logic in it when someone just senselessly comes in and destroys every piece of equipment that you have, for no apparent reason."

Out of everything in Samp's office that was trashed, one thing with huge sentimental value, managed to survived.

"The irony of it is, the only thing that was spared was my Dad's picture from WWII and his commendations, and I am grateful for that," Samp said.

It may have put them a couple of days behind, but Sentry Medical Corporation says it was only a minor set setback.

"It was a huge inconvenience, but we're down, but we're not out," Samp said.

Police are still investigating.

If you have any information, please call Odessa Police at 333-3641 or Odessa CrimeStoppers at 333-TIPS.