Big Spring Police Investigating Multiple Drive-By Shootings

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - "In the past two days, there's been several drive by shootings. There's been several drive-by shootings in different neighborhoods here in Big Spring. We take them very seriously, because we want to get them stopped," explained Administrative Lieutenant Terry Chamness with the Big Spring Police Department.

Police in Big Spring have kicked their investigation into full gear after a sudden jump in drive-by shootings, but right now there's one problem: A lack of witnesses coming forward.

"Because they're done late at night and not a lot of people are out, and actually see who does it," said Lt. Chamness. "So trying to find the perpetrators is a real tough problem."

It was early this morning on the fifteen hundred block of Owens Street where police said a bullet went into a home, and actually hit an eleven year old boy. Luckily, he had non life threatening injuries, but officers said the whole point of this investigation is to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"This is the problem that we are looking at and facing with these drive-by shootings is that we knew sooner or later somebody is going to get hit by one of these bullets," added Lt. Chamness.

Since one man was attacked Sunday night on Ownes, some Big Spring residents wonder if all of this is gang related.

And while Police won't say whether gangs are involved in these shootings, they do say they're keeping an eye on all criminal activity in the area.

"We've been having a problem with some gangs and wanta-be gang members and people of that nature, especially when it comes into the drugs and drug dealing," said Lt. Chamness.

Residents, however, can only guess what exactly started these shootings.