Ector County Commissioners Extend Burn Ban for 30 Days

By Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - West Odessa Volunteer Fire Chief Jimmy Ellis asked Ector County Commisioners to keep the burn ban.

Commisioners unanimously voted to extend the ban for thirty more days, Chief Ellis had feared the Commisioner's Court was going to lift the ban for a week, but he says that would have been a disaster for the area.

"There is no reason for them to not know about it or to have any excuse to burn right now.  It's too dangerous.  I know the trash is a problem, but how much is their landfill fee compared to somebody's house burning or somebody losing their life.  That in itself is worth doing whatever the landfill fees are," West Odessa Fire Chief Jimmy Ellis, said.

Even though the burn ban has been in effect for a while now, Chief Ellis says residents of the Permian Basin have not respected it, and everyday officials give out tickets for illegal trash burning

Outside welding and barbecuing in a control pit are still okay, but Chief Ellis says to be very careful when doing outside activities that involve a flame.  One of last week's fires started because some sparks from welding went out of control.