Limits at the Pump

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- If you're trying to fill up your gas tank and you're paying by credit card at the pump, you may notice the card may not allow you to fill all the way up.

"It cuts you off at fifty dollars, most anywhere now," said Debbie Escamilla of Monahans.

The limits are nothing new. They're designed to safe guard you against fraudulent charges but with higher gas prices, the limits $50 and $75 in most cases simply don't go as far.

"It is very inconvenient, but it's about the only choice we have," said Escamilla, who says the limits prevent her from completely filling up, "It costs about $80 to fill up this pickup."

"When you are using a debit card that is on your checking account I don't understand it. It's coming straight out of your checking account it shouldn't make any difference."

Judy Gonzales is filling up her new Dodge Ram for the first time. Her old car only had sixteen gallons and she says she's never hit the limit on her card before. Today she was shocked when she hit the limit.

"I can't believe that. So it's just going to let me get fifty dollars worth of guess huh?"

You can avoid the limits at the pump by paying by cash or credit inside the gas station.

"We usually fill up part way here and fill up the rest of the way at another station if were going real far," said Escamilla.