Midland Business Offering Their Services for Illegally Dumped Tires

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A Midland businessman says he has the solution to Ector County's tire trouble.

He says he can recycle those tossed out tires right here in Midland and save Ector County money and a trip to Lubbock.

"It will serve as a huge cleanup. Having a facility locally where you can recycle tires will hopefully keep illegal dumping away from this area," Steve Clabaugh, with Discount Materials, said.

Steve Clabaugh owns Discount Materials of Midland, a company that recycles wood waste and tires. He tells us he can take all of those illegally dumped tires, and turn them into rubber mulch that can serve a purpose like protecting children on the playground.

"The fall area is so much safer," Clabaugh said.

Last year, Discount Materials saved 22,000 tires from taking up space in the landfill, and he wants to help clean up the streets in our area.

"We're right here in local area.  We can help them dispose of tires and also bring recycled products back into our community," Clabaugh said.

There is still a charge to get rid of the tires, but ector county is already paying a pretty penny to get rid of them now two to six bucks each.

Clabaugh says they're closer and cheaper.

"If we can save them money, and bring the recycled product back into our community, everybody wins," Clabaugh said.

Officials tell us that they normally pick up one load each day of trash and tires along the roads, but since the burn ban, they have picked up three to four loads each day.

Clabaugh hopes his solution can save the county time and money.