Animal Cruelty in Tall City

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Police are looking to slap animal cruelty charges on the person responsible, for the death of a pet Emu, in the Tall City.

George Lohmann bought the pet bird, a relative of the ostrich, for his daughter 14 years ago.

"Sweetie was just a really sweet bird, she would come up to you, and let you pet her and scratch her and so forth," said Lohmann who paid ten thousand dollars for the pet.

Lohmann says he found Sweetie shot dead in her pen, Thursday. It's not the first time his beloved pets have been targeted.

Last Summer, Lohmann says someone threw a pit bull into the Emu pen, killing one bird and injuring another.

"Hopefully, we will find out who did this," said Lohmann, who says the person shot low enough that it could have hit a home or person in the neighborhood.

Midland Police tell Newswest Nine the person responsible could face felony charges with up to two years in prison.