Scam Artists Using a Vet Organization to Get Your Money

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Scam artists are using a vet organization to get money.

Am-Vets has been getting some alarming calls mostly from businesses in Odessa.

Apparently someone not affiliated with Am-Vets is calling around the basin asking people for money to advertise in a new newspaper that Am-Vet has created.

The caller claims the cash goes to the organization.

The catch is, the scammers are asking for credit card numbers, and they even offer to go pick up checks.

So far the scammers have hit up 3 Odessa businesses, but they didn't fall for it.

The only thing Am-Vet knows right now; those calls are coming from Dallas.

Am-Vet is not asking for advertising for a paper at this moment.