Water Warning

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - City officials started receiving phone calls earlier this week.  Residents were worried about the safety of their water.

The main message was the same.   The caller was asking for permission to come into their homes and test the tap water.

In some instances, residents were offered free pizza or movie tickets in exchange.

Some calls that were traced by caller id, showed to have come from a water filter system vendor.

Meaning it was just be an attempt to sell you something.

Kay Snyder, the Director of Utilities for the City of Midland spoke with NewsWest 9.   She says that at "no time",  does the city test water inside the residences, except in one rare instance.

"If they have called us and said, 'my water outside looks fine, but my water inside does not look fine.  Can somebody come and test it?'  That's the only time I can think of where we would go inside," Snyder said.

City officials want to assure everyone, your tap water is completely safe.

If for any reason testing needs to be done,  it would happen at the water treatment facility.

If you have received one of these phone calls or receive on in the future and you want to report it to the City, you can do so at 685-7261.