83rd District Attorney Race Still Undecided

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BREWSTER CO.- Three ballot boxes, a lawsuit, and an undecided District Attorney's race add up to an election mess in Brewster County following the discovery of the uncounted ballot boxes Friday, March 7th.

According to a statement on the Brewster County Website, three ballot boxes holding preliminary votes turned up in the vault of the Brewster County Elections Office. Jerri Jones, Elections Administrator for Brewster County alerted the Secretary of State's office and provided procedures for handling the votes. The ballot boxes were then unlocked and counted.

The Website lists these preliminary results: Frank Brown 1,152 votes, Jesse Gonzales 1,044 votes.
Gonzales, filed a lawsuit to make sure the votes are considered, and that they do not get destroyed or counted until they are properly handled. Gonzales filed the lawsuit against Elections Administrator Jerri Jones and Democratic Party Chair Dale Christophersen.

Gonzales, currently the Pecos County Attorney, told Newswest Nine that every ballot legally cast should be legally counted. Incumbent Frank Brown, did not return messages left at his office. Jone's refused to comment, citing the pending litigation.
Christophersen told Newswest Nine, they've had election problems in the past, but never quite like this.