Burn Bans Remain in Effect Across the Basin

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - Rain is desperately needed across West Texas, but even more rain won't necessarily be enough to lift the current burn ban.

The Texas Forest Service says it will take more than one or two good rains before officials can lift the ban.

In fact, it's so dry right now it could be quite a while before we see any change in the fire danger.

"The burn ban is not to be lifted for 60 more days and that would only be if we get a significant amount to do it," Midland County Fire Marshal Dale Little told NewsWest 9.

You may recall last year, the Permian Basin saw a significant amount of rain that led to a lot of vegetation growth.

That extra vegetation dried up over the winter months, and is causing the fires to spread more rapidly than normal.

Officials say in order to lift the burn ban, there must be greenery which will act as a protectant against flames.

The Texas Forest Service says it could be well into Spring before we see this happen.

So for now, they're asking residents not to burn anything outdoors.