New E-Mail Scam Popping Up

By Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - What makes this deal too good to be true is the fact that the ncua doesn't work that way.

According to Tamera Barber, President and CEO for Big Spring Community Federal Credit Union, "NCUA is our governing agency.  They will never solicit information from our members."

The email says it will give you $80, for just two minutes of your time.

The lucky customer will get the money credited to their account.   All you have to do is verify your account information.

Barber explains what they're really after, "They want to get that account number so they can pull money from you, not send you any.  They may send you a token, but they are going to start pulling money away from you as fast as they can."

If you ever need to verify your personal information, the teller will ask you in person or you'll be informed through news letters in your monthly and quarterly statements.

Barber adds, giving out your personal information is something you should never do.  
"Any type of credit card numbers, account numbers, PIN numbers especially, social security, all that type of information, you need to keep personal.  "Do not" respond when someone asks for that type of information."

If by chance, you already did, you need to contact your financial institution and let them know that you have done this.  You need to identify what card you used, and get that card completely stopped.

Members of BCFCU aren't the only one's in town seeing this email.  Credit union members around town say they've gotten them too.  NCUA is already on top of the situation.

If you do get that e-mail Barber advises, "Protect your identity with everything that you can.  Don't give it out on the pretense you're going to get money."

For tips and information on how to protect yourself, click here.