Plumbing Problems in Pecos

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Some big plumbing problems in Pecos.

The city's old sewer system is finally catching up with them.

The system is more than 60 years old, and it has never been renovated.

The problem came to light in early February when a sewer system in the local Best Western Hotel became clogged, and then the city really became aware of their troubles.

The faulty lines almost caused the construction of an annex to the hotel not to be built, but because city officials say they acted quickly the development project is well underway.

"The city is extremely cooperative, they know they've got some problems as well on their side of the issue as well as we do and we are working together as best as possible, and they are doing an extremely good job at trying to rectify the situation," Engineer Ueli Schlunbegger said.

"Our sewer plant is an excessive of 60 years out there. It was plenty adequate in size when I came to Pecos, we were 15 thousand plus, and that sewer plant handled it.  It's just a fact that age and time is has taken its toll on the plant," Mayor Richard Alligood, said.

The city has already approved almost seven million dollars for the construction of a new sewer plant system.

That new plant will be a smaller version of the plant in Odessa.