Officials Gearing Up For Possible Grassfires

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - It's all hands on deck for the Midland County Fire crews.

The Texas Forest Service and the Fire Department will use the Horseshoe Arena as a command post in the event of a major fire.

"We can bring our resources in and keep track of those resources and track of our personnel when they go out on these fires," David Hickman, Asst. Fire Marshal for Midland County, said. "We're pre-positioning resources to be able to respond quickly in the event that we have a fire break out in Midland County or near any surrounding counties."

Officials say the next 3 days will see unprecedented dry weather and wind conditions.

"Very extreme, other conditions that affect the fires are the relative humidity factors. They're looking at relative humidity forecasts between 2 and 6 percent which is very, very critical. Anything below 15 percent is critical, we're reaching single digit humidities," Hickman said.

Fire officials need your help.

"Keep combustible material away from these structures and the chances of those structures surviving will greatly increase, but it takes a little effort to get out and do that, and as we are running short on time," Hickman said to fellow fire officials.

They are asking that residents refrain from any outdoor activity that might start a spark, like smoking and barbequing. Also get any combustible materials, like trash and weeds away from your home.