Tryon Lewis Challenges Buddy West to a Debate

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The race for the District 81 State Representative seat has been narrowed down to just two men, Tryon Lewis and Incumbent Buddy West.

Lewis says he wants to have a debate with West, but West won't do it.

On Thursday afternoon, Tryon Lewis held a press conference at the Presidential Museum to publicly ask West to debate the issues with him.

Lewis had already received invitations from Odessa College and U.T.P.B., which he says would be the perfect venue to discuss their platforms before the voters.

"I think it's important for candidates to stand before the public in something other than a managed sound bite or slick ad, and answer questions from the press and the public about their views on issues are.  So obviously from that viewpoint, I think these forums are good.  I would like to participate in them, and I'm sill willing to participate in them.  I hope that Buddy changes his mind.  I hope he agrees to work with UTPB and Odessa College and others so the public can hear and compare our views on issues," Lewis said.

The run-off election between Tryon Lewis and Buddy West is April 8th.