Comedian Billy Crystal Signs Spring Training Contract with Yankees

by Kristen Dahlgren

NBC News

Big news in baseball.

The Yankees have signed a new player but this one is a lot older and probably a lot funnier than most of the team.

Billy Crystal signed a one day contract with the Yankees.  He worked out with the team yesterday and makes his first big league appearance in a spring training game later today.

Billy Crystal says he stole a page from real life when asked his best day ever in the hit movie "City Slickers."

But that was before today.

In the same week he turns 60 years old, Crystal is living out his childhood dream, donning the pinstripes and signing a one day contract to take the field with his beloved Yankees.

Billy Crystal says, "now I'm actually a member of the team. for one day I get to have that."

Crystal worked out with the team on Wednesday and as you can imagine, there were plenty of jokes about his age.

Billy Crystal said, "I may have to stop twice to pee on my way from home to first".

And promises for the opposing team's pitcher.

Billy Crystal said, "there's a new Lexus in the parking lot. I'll just say that."

Crystal will be in the lineup against the Pirates later today.

But despite a little anxiety, Billy Crystal says "it's beyond belief nervous, the comedian was no joke when it came to batting practice, connecting on all 52 swings.

Not quite enough to make his teammates worry about job security.

Derek Jeter says, "He is 60. No, I'm not worried."

But certainly enough to look mahvelous.

Yankees manager Joe Gerardi hasn't said what position Crystal will play today.

When asked if he's worried about drug testing, Crystal quipped he may test positive for Maalox.