Ferraro Leaves Clinton Camp, Clinton-Obama Battle Continues

by Brooke Hart

NBC News

As early as today, the Florida Democratic party will unveil a plan for a June do-over of its Presidential primary.  But that does not mean Democrats agree on what should happen.

In this race of trailblazers, the only woman to run on a major party white house ticket quit her role:  Geraldine Ferraro is out as Clinton fundraiser after remarks seeming to attribute Barack Obama's political rise to his race.

To NBC, Ferraro stuck by that.

Former Clinton Campaign Fundraiser Geraldine Ferraro said, "what I did was I was talking about the historic campaign. Why is it a historic campaign? Is it because he's a Senator from Illinois? I don't think so."

Ferraro said she quit to get flap out of the news.

Obama called her comments ridiculous.  Clinton again rejected them and both Democrats now face interparty warfare on Florida and Michigan, whether their delegates will count.

Sen. Clinton said, "In my view there are two options: Honor the results or hold new primary elections."

Obama dismissed the first option.

Sen. Obama said, "Senator Clinton agreed that they wouldn't count, until she thought maybe they should count."

And now the state's congressional delegation rejects a revote.

Florida Democratic Congressman Wexler said, "we're against another election, particularly against a mail in, because it will not be a credible race."

But Clinton rejects their proposal to divvy up the delegates based on some formula.

Analysts say re-votes would help her more.

Chuck Todd, the NBC Political Director, said "she would like to get more popular vote to see if she can catch up to Senator Obama on that front."

In the meantime, Republican John McCain says he's begun the process of looking for a runningmate, but gives no hints.

One poll there showed that without a resolution, a quarter of Florida's Democrats say they won't show up in November or may vote Republican.