Odessa Mayor Larry Melton Will Have An Opponent in November

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It looks like Odessa Mayor Larry Melton will have some competition come election time in November.

Democrat Art Leal will be running against the current Mayor Larry Melton.

Leal says it's time for change, and when he saw no one had picked up nomination packet a week before the dealine, he felt he should step in.

"I think there's alot of things that need to be addressed, and whenever were in a democracy we have to choose our leadership and there are things that could be addressed, that need to be addressed.  And everything is not always fine and dandy, so I think there has to be someone to speak up and take a position and to give the people of Odessa a choice," Art Leal, Mayoral Candidate for the City of Odessa, said.

Leal and Melton will be the only ones on the ballot in November.

For more information about Leal and his platform, you can go to his website at www.artleal.com.