Two Ector County Employees Honored for Their Heroism

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - For a grounds foreman and a roads Superintendent last Tuesday was anything but an ordinary day.

As they walked out of their Ector County Office that morning, they saw smoke, and immediately rushed to the scene to find out what they could do to help.

"We just reacted and tried to do the best that we could as far as going in there and trying to help out," Richard Fierro, Ector County Road Supt., said.

The two County Employees turned off the electricity and gas to prevent a bigger explosion, and then they wasted no time looking for any survivors.

"The trailer went up in two minutes or whatever. It was engulfed. For us, it was an eternity. But we were trying to do the best that we could," Fierro said.

With no regard for their own safety, they began ripping the burning mobile home apart.

"Go in, with our own bare hands.  We tore that sheet metal off to try to go in and see if we could see anybody in there," Munoz said.

Even though Fierro and Munoz aren't official members of the Fire Department, they promise to help with any fire at any time.

"I don't think me and Richard would never hesitate if that situation comes again to do it again," Munoz said.

Now these two actually got to the home before the Fire Department could get there.

At the Commissioners Court on Monday, the Fire Chief presented them with plaques for risking their lives to save others.