New Laser Shot Training For Odessa Cadets

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Police cadets at Odessa College now have a new training tool to help fight crime. And the high tech program allows officers to train for the worst without even having to leave the building.

"A place like Odessa College here which is a full credited academy for criminal justice, some of these individuals may never have even picked up a weapon at all," said James Travis, with Law Enforcement Sales with Laser Shot Incorporated.

They've been working for two years to get the funding, now instructors and cadets at Odessa College this month will get to experience a new way to train.

"Law Enforcement Agencies and our students our coming through our academy can be put through various scenarios and the use of weapons that normally couldn't be done," explained Dr. Robert Muñoz, with Odessa College.

And it's all about using "Laser Shots."

"Depending on departmental policy, and what type of usage of force is available, there's less lethal, all the way up to pulling a service revolver or a side arm and firing upon a combatant," added Travis.

And the program can even simulate real life situations like if officers are in a situation like a school shooting.

"People aren't just going to stand there and wait for you to shoot them," said Master Sergeant Leslie Alexander, with ECISD Police Department. "They're going to be moving, there's going to be other people around, and you need to have that experience, because you do revert to your training when you're in a stressful situation."

And for those who go through the training, the closer to real-life, the better.

"The more realism we can put into these officers training, the better they will react when that situation does arise," explained Alexander.

And while technologies may change, the message is still the same.

"To train the officers on the worst possible scenario they could face, and if they train appropriately on that, we hope for the better outcome," said Travis. "Preparedness, that's what the entire program if offered for the community."