Rising Gas Prices Costing School District

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - One million dollars may not be enough to cover all the fuel needs of the Midland Independent School District this school year. According to MISD Transportation Director Willie Tarleton the district's fuel budget must last until August, but they've already spent more than $500,000.

And rising fuel costs could bust the bank.

In Odessa, ECISD school Officials say they expect to go over their $1.1 million dollar budget, but have a fund for school programs that go over budget.

"Prices continue to rise, it's really going to cause a shortfall in the budget," said Tarleton who says they use an average of 2500 gallons of gas per day.

According to AAA of Texas diesel fuel hit a record high for the state at $3.62 a gallon. The district buys fuel at a reduced rate but still spends $300 dollars per tank of gas.

"We are the first to see them in the morning and we are the last to see them in the afternoon. We are transporting the future," said Tarleton who says Midland bus drivers cover 765 square miles every day.