Closing Down: Sheffield Regroups

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

SHEFFIELD- "We were just kind of Devastated by it all," said TYC employee Mike Robinson who learned Thursday he will be out of a job like the rest of the Sheffield Boot Camp Employees as of March 31st, "People have opened up businesses, and cafe's, restaurants, grocery stores, It's just going to tear the community up."

Robinson like many hoped to retire with the TYC and in Sheffield, he says the move by TYC officials in Austin goes against what they told the employees for months.

The closure will also effect nearby school district, Iraan Sheffield ISD. Superintendent Kevin Allen says they will lose tax dollars, and may have to cut teachers who worked at the facility.

Allen's main goal now is to get the building, partially owned by ISISD, used. The district, TYC and an outside group are already in talks to figure out how to use the building after the end of March.

"There could be another group, that is interested in moving into the facility at Sheffield, that would need our services that would need employees, from our communities, so we may have a down time here, but we may have another facility up and running, in a few months."

Employees have the option to transfer to other state schools including the West Texas State School in Pyote, a school at the heart of the TYC sex scandals that rocked the Texas Youth Commission last year.

Several fear it will cost the Sheffield community to lose the facility.

"For them to come in and give us thirty days notice type thing, in a community this size it really tears us up," said Robinson.