Ward County Says No To Adult Entertainment

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WARD CO.--If you drive far enough, you're bound to run into one somewhere, businesses that cater to adult entertainment.

And now, they are looking for a new place to open their doors.

Ward County Judge, Greg Holly tells NewsWest 9, "The county received a call back toward the end of the year, back in November or December, from a man who was inquiring about what regulations the county had or didn't have regarding sexually oriented businesses."

The caller said he was looking at possible locations between Odessa and El Paso.

The recent oil boom in the area is increasing the traffic along I-20, thus making Monahans and cities like it, prime targets  for these types of businesses.

Judge Holly says that while there is nothing they can do to prevent them from coming, "You can regulate where they are located.  You can determine or regulate how close they can be located to a school or a home or something of that nature, a church and that sort of thing."

And that's exactly what Ward County officials are looking to do.

A public meeting has been scheduled for March 10th.   At that time, county commissioners will take action.

As Judge Holly sees it, "If we wait till they come, it's too late."