State Senator Kel Seliger Makes a Stop in the Basin to Discuss Upcoming Legislative Session

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - State Senator Kel Seliger was in the Tall City on Thursday to discuss the upcoming legislative session with the Midland Rotarians.

The main topic, public education.

Seliger says public educators have a rough year ahead of them with more than 44 million students joining the Texas School System this year.

Something he says lawmakers will work hard at to help the school systems reach their goals.

"See what the State Legislature can do to help educators in this State with the job that they have right now which is to educate 44 million young people.  To see to it, the future they provide for the State of Texas is a good and productive one," State Senator Kel Seliger said.

Seliger also touched on illegal imigration and taxes.