A Trash Problem in Andrews?

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - One woman in Andrews says enough is enough with all the trash building up around town. She's lived in Andrews for years, but she said this year the trash is the worst ever.

"It makes me feel terrible. I have to said something, I can't sleep at night, unless I do something, I have to say something," explained Kimberley Boussneur, who lives in Andrews.

Boussneur has been calling officials with the city, county, and even the Governor saying she's fed up with all the trash in Andrews.

"A lot of plastic, a lot of cups, a lot of bags from fast food places," said Boussneur.

And she said she's speaking out for all those residents who see a lot of trash just from driving around.

"Mostly what we see is behind the stores and restaurants are where it seems to accumulate the most, and then blow on from there," explained Boussneur.

But is Andrews usually known as a "trashy town"? Not according to the city manager.

"Routinely, we receive very favorable comments about the cleanliness of our city, and how it appears to visitors," Andrews City Manager Glen Hackler, said.

According to city officials, there's one major factor in trash build-up.

"January and February have been unusually windy months, and so I think the wind has been what's contributing to the problem. I really don't think it's a matter of economics or this community specifically, I think it's a situation throughout West Texas right now," explained Hackler.

"Wind doesn't make trash. It doesn't make plastic bags and cups. It comes out of our hands. We have to be more careful," Boussneur responded.

Another big concern for both Andrews' residents and city officials is leaving your dumpster open. With the windy weather we've had, there's always the possibility that trash can blow out of the dumpster and onto the street.

City officials told NewsWest 9 they have been very pro-active in cleaning up liter around town, but Boussneur is making her message known to everyone in Andrews.

"Please contain your trash, and please close your trash bins, and please don't liter, don't mess with Texas. Seriously," Boussneur said.