2007 Accident Report for the City of Midland

2007 Traffic Accident Report - City of Midland

The City of Midland's Traffic Engineering Division has completed the 2007 accident report.

The total number of accidents in the City increased 8.15% from in 3,192 in 2006 to 3,452 in 2007.
The total number of injuries increased from 1,089 in 2006 to 1,188 in 2007.
The number of fatalities increased from six in 2006 to 12 in 2007.
The number of alcohol/and or drug related accidents increased from 130 in 2006 to 148 in 2007.
There were 17 intersections that had seven or more accidents.

There were no intersections with an M.E.V (million entering vehicle) rating of 2.0 or above in 2007.  This statistic takes into consideration the number of vehicles that travel through the intersection vs. the number of accidents.

The following is a list of the five highest accident intersections (according to M.E.V. rating) in the City of Midland during 2007:

1. Marienfeld St. & Wall St. 1.97 M.E.V.
2. A Street & Michigan Ave. 1.37 M.E.V.
3. Midkiff Rd. & IH-20 S. Service Rd. 1.21 M.E.V.
4. Big Spring St. & Wadley Ave. 1.06 M.E.V.
5. Andrews Hwy. & Loop 250 Service Rd. 1.05 M.E.V.

The intersection with the highest number of accidents was Wadley Ave. and Midland Dr.  The intersection had a total of 17 accidents and an M.E.V. rating of 0.945.

The average M.E.V. rating of the intersections listed in the 2007 report is 0.92 compared to 0.84 in 2006 indicating a very low ratio of accidents to traffic volume throughout the City.