100 Acres Burned in Midland County

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND CO.- Armed with shovels and fire hoses Hoy Bryson and his neighbors tried to keep a large grass fire fire from burning their homes. The Northeast Volunteer Firefighters and the Texas Forest Service worked for hours to stop a fire, that started when a man used a cutting torch. High winds moved the flames, 100 acres of dried grass acted as fuel on County Road 1150 and East Loop 250. The man responsible for the fire was issued a citation.

Winds registering at 37 mph moved the fire across roads but no homes were destroyed.
"I was really nervous at work," said Christy Carrillo who was at work when she heard her home was in the line of fire, "I was just relieved it didn't come here onto our property."

Hoy Bryson's lives in a home on his fathers land, nearby a home his father is building for himself, both home nearly became fuel for the fire.

"Luckily just around the house there was enough construction going on that there wasn't any grass, and it went right around the house," said Bryson, "One thing I can say is knock your grass down if you have it on your property."

Jan Amen of the Texas Forest Service warns the fire danger may be worse on Monday.