City of Midland Holds Appreciation Luncheon for First Responders

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A big thanks from the City of Midland to all the emergency responders who helped put out the massive grassfire two weeks ago, North of Midland.

Firefighters, dispatchers, police officers, emergency management, and other City and County employees were treated to an appreciation lunch on Friday.

The group of more than 100 worked together quickly to put an end to that potentially dangerous situation.

The fire could have been a lot worse without the help of these brave men and women.

"There may have been a misconception of just how close that fire came to town.  That fire was within a quarter-mile of Midland, and that fire was moving at 2 miles per hour, it was moving very quickly.  So we were only about 7 ½ minutes away from having a major fire in the middle of our city.  So all those people from the communications people to the firefighters, the law enforcement, did an amazing job of stopping that fire before it came within the city limits," Chief Russ Conley with the Midland Fire Department, said.

No one was hurt in the February eighth fire.

More than eight thousand acres burned in that blaze.